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Product Information

Maxa Beam Handheld Searchlights Catalog [PDF] (shown below)

To view more detailed product information and photos, please visit our Online Catalog.

Searchlight Operation Manual [PDF]
Operation and maintenance of Maxa Beam Searchlights and use of current MBP-1308 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery systems.

Operation of Legacy Battery Systems [PDF]
Operation of older battery systems including MBP-1207 NiCad and MBP-1307 Li-Ion batteries.

Maxa Beam Brochure [PDF]

Long Range Searchlight Demonstration [PDF]

Remote-Controlled Maxa Beam Searchlights [PDF]


CandlePower Output Test Report, August 2016 [PDF]

NSWC Crane Hand Held Searchlight Test Report (Summary) [PDF]

NSWC Crane Hand Held Searchlight Test Report (Full Report) [PDF]