YES!  We welcome questions and we are happy to help you make an educated decision before you purchase second hand Maxa Beam equipment on eBay, Craigslist, or any other reseller site.  Variations of the Maxa Beam Searchlight have been fielded since 1987, so the age and condition of used searchlights being resold by third parties varies significantly.  Before making an online purchases of used Maxa Beam equipment, we strongly recommend that you do the following:

  • Ask the seller for the Model Numbers and Serial Numbers for all Searchlight(s), Battery(s), and Charger(s) being offered.  Contact Peak Beam with this information and we will tell you the original ship date so you know exactly how old the equipment is.
  • Ask the seller to confirm that all elements of the searchlight kit are functioning.  Sellers occasionally advertise “new” batteries “still in their original packaging” but this does not guarantee anything about the battery except that it may have been stored for many years without being charged or cycled.  Long term storage of batteries can cause permanent damage and those “new” batteries may very well be dead.

Please note that although Peak Beam does not warranty used equipment and cannot guarantee the condition of any equipment you may purchase from a third party, we are still happy to help tune up and repair any older equipment you may acquire.  Please contact us to request a Return Authorization and repair estimate.

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