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MBPKG-E Series

Designed for permanent installation in harsh weather conditions, MBPKG-E Series Searchlights are housed in a marine-grade alodined and powder-coated aluminum enclosure with an internal cooling system for optimum performance in extreme temperatures.  MBPKG-E Series Searchlights feature 12,000,000 CandlePower output and a 3,500 meter range and can be controlled using either wired switches or an RS-232 serial interface.

The Maxa Beam’s powerful output and strobe enable the searchlight to perform critical roles within the non-lethal spectrum, including:

  • Long Range Detection and Identification
  • Explicit Warning and Deterrence
  • Ocular Disruption and Distraction
  • Temporary Flashblindness, Decreased Hand-Eye Coordination and Nausea

Non-Lethal effects are scalable and can be adapted to a variety of escalation of force applications including border security, vehicle checkpoints, harbor security, shipboard protection, crowd control, and perimeter surveillance.

MBPKG-E Series Searchlight Options Include:

  • Connector Configuration – Single Combined Power/Control or Dual Connectors
  • Input Voltage – 12VDC, 24VDC or 48VDC

Current end-users of Remote-Controlled Maxa Beam Searchlights include U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard, NATO Armed Forces, U.S. Department of Energy, and U.S. Department of State.

Control MethodBeam WidthIngress
MBPKG-E10.0-13.5SingleWired Remote Switches
RS-232 Serial Control
1° Spot to 40° FloodIP67Yes
MBPKG-E210.0-13.5DualWired Remote Switches
RS-232 Serial Control
1° Spot to 40° FloodIP67Yes
MBPKG-E-2418.0-36.0SingleWired Remote Switches
RS-232 Serial Control
1° Spot to 40° FloodIP67Yes
MBPKG-E2-2418.0-75.0DualWired Remote Switches
RS-232 Serial Control
1° Spot to 40° FloodIP67Yes
MBPKG-E-4837.0-75.0SingleRS-232 Serial Control1° Spot to 40° FloodIP67Yes
    • Output: 12,000,000 Peak Beam CandlePower (no maximum threshold; -10% minimum threshold)
    • Range: 3,500 meters (1 lux on target)
    • Lamp: 85 Watt Xenon Short Arc Lamp (field replaceable); instant hot/cold start and restrike
    • Infrared Illumination Capability (IR Filter sold separately)
    • Beam Width: 1° Spot to 40° Flood, Motorized
    • Beam Intensity: 3 levels
    • Strobe: User-adjustable frequency (1-31Hz) and duty cycle (3-63%)
    • Control Method: RS-232 Protocol (all) and Wired Remote Switches (as indicated)
    • Input Power: 12VDC, 24VDC, or 48VDC (as indicated)
    • Operating Temperature: -15°C to +60°C
    • Certifications:
      • High Operating Temperature: +60°C per MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Operating Test, Method 505.5, Proc. 1
      • High Storage Temperature: +85°C per MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Storage Test, Method 505.1, Proc. 1
      • Marine Environment: MIL-STD-810G Salt Fog Test, Method 509.5, Proc. 1
      • Ingress Protection: IP67 as per CEI/IEC 60529:2001
    • Searchlight Housing: Corrosion-resistant alodined and powder-coated Aluminum
    • Mount Interface: Removable cradle mount plate
    • Size: 15.73 in. long x 7.12 in. diameter x 7.26 in. tall; 8.7 lbs.; Specs shown are for MBPKG-E; see Technical Specification for model-specific sizes.
  • All MBPKG-E Series Searchlights ship with an Operation Manual, Focus Adjustment Tool, Interface Control Document (ICD) and an installation CD for the searchlight’s Windows-compatible Maxa Beam Control Software (MBA-GUI).

    All MBPKG-E Series Searchlights also ship with Mating Connector Kits that can be used to build your own power and control cables.

    • Single-Connector MBPKG-E-* Searchlights include a 12-pin mating connector for a combined power/control cable.
    • Dual-Connector MBPKG-E2-* Searchlights include a 4-pin mating power connector and a 10-pin mating control connector. Off-the-shelf cables are also available from Peak Beam for dual-connector searchlights only; please inquire for details.

    Update History

    • 5/2007 – MBPKG-E Series released.
    • 3/2011 – Output increased from 7,500,000 CandlePower to 12,000,000 CandlePower (G3-20).
    • 5/2013 – Input power range on 24V models updated from 11-36VDC to 18-36VDC.
    • 5/15/2014 – Serial Interface V3.5 released; Interface Control Document V3.5 released.
    • 5/2016 – Continuous High Beam function added (applicable to switch control only) (G3-26).
    • 8/2017 – Phased transition begins for D38999 connectors from military service class W (Cadmium plated) to military service class Z, Zinc-Nickel plated over Aluminum shell (details).
    • 2/20/2020 – MBPKG-E2-24 input voltage range extended; MBPKG-E2-48 discontinued and replaced by MBPKG-E2-24. Transition to D38999 connector military service class Z complete. Weights updated. Serial Interface V4.0 released; Interface Control Document V4.0 released.
  • Power

    MBPKG-E Series Searchlights are configured for 12VDC, 24VDC or 48VDC input. For detailed input power requirements, please consult the Operation Manual or Technical Specification. Off-the-shelf power cables and 12V power supplies are available for use with dual-connector searchlights; please inquire for details.


    All MBPKG-E Series Searchlights can be controlled with an internal RS-232 computer interface. With this capability, a searchlight can be remotely controlled via computer either as a stand alone illuminator or as part of an integrated computer-controlled surveillance or security system on a pan and tilt device.

    RS-232 Searchlights can be controlled using a terminal emulator such as HyperTerminal or Peak Beam’s Graphical User Interface (GUI). Computer-controlled searchlights are also frequently installed with third-party Ethernet-to-Serial servers, allowing multiple searchlights to be linked together on the same network.

    All searchlight models except MBPKG-E-48 can be controlled with wired remote controllers. Off-the-shelf controller options are available for dual-connector searchlights; please visit the Wired Controllers page for more information. For details on remote port and switch functionality, consult the Operation Manual.


    MBPKG-E Series Searchlights have a flat cradle mount plate that can be detached from the searchlight housing for ease of installation.

    Safety Warnings

    ANSI Risk Group 3.  Warning.
    Visible and infrared radiation emitted from this searchlight.
    Permanent eye damage can result.  Avoid direct exposure to the beam.

    • Do not look directly into the searchlight beam. Exposure of the eye to either the direct searchlight beam or a beam reflected from a flat mirror-like surface can cause permanent eye injury to the unprotected eye.  Follow the same precaution even when an Infrared Filter is installed on the searchlight.
      • Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD), Visible Light: 10 meters
      • NOHD, Infrared Light: 30 meters for exposures greater than 10 seconds
    • Do not operate searchlight if the front lens is damaged or removed. Ultraviolet injury to skin and cornea can occur if the searchlight is operated with a damaged front lens or if the lens is removed.
    • Do not allow the concentrated beam of light to be focused on flammable materials at close distances for prolonged periods of time.
    • Do not operate light in an explosive environment.
    • Do not touch lamp connections during operation as high voltage is present.
    • Do not touch the quartz envelope of the lamp. If the lamp is accidentally touched, clean with alcohol or the solution supplied in the replacement lamp kit.
    • Always wear protective eyewear, long sleeves, and gloves if removing the front lens cover. The lamp is under positive pressure and should be handled with care.
    • Always disconnect searchlight from power cord when not in use, when placed in storage or when being transported to prevent accidental activation.
  • MBPKG-E Series Technical Specification [PDF]

    Searchlight Operation Manual [PDF]

    Remote-Controlled Searchlights Flyer [PDF]

    Interface Control Document (ICD) available upon request.