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The Maxa Beam’s long range and intensely focused Xenon beam make the searchlight an invaluable tool for a range of escalation of force, security and surveillance applications.

Maxa Beam Searchlights are currently deployed by all branches of the U.S. military. Domestic users include U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Internationally, Maxa Beam Searchlights are used by government and law enforcement customers in over sixty-five countries around the world.


Non-Lethal Weapon / Escalation of Force

The Maxa Beam is used to detect, deter, and disrupt at long ranges. The searchlight’s powerful output and strobe immediately disorient and impair a target’s vision, giving the operator time to determine intent, change the target’s behavior and minimize the use of lethal force.

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Search & Rescue

Search and Rescue

The Maxa Beam’s long range, easily adjustable beam width and long battery run time make the searchlight an invaluable tool for SAR operations.

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Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security

Remote-Controlled Maxa Beams are often integrated into computer-controlled sensor and camera systems to provide long range visible and infrared illumination.

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Covert (Infrared) Surveillance

When used with an IR filter, the Maxa Beam provides illumination that is invisible to the naked eye. IR illumination enhances the clarity and range of Night Vision devices and is especially useful for filling in shadows or shining through the window of a dark building.

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Shipboard Protection

The Maxa Beam detects and identifies vessels at long ranges. The searchlight is frequently paired with acoustic hailing devices to deter targets and create increased standoff and safety zones.

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Weapons Light

Picatinny Rail-Mounted Searchlights

Rail-Mounted Searchlights can withstand the shock and recoil of a .50 caliber machine gun and are well suited for Remote Weapons Stations and other high-stress environments. All searchlight features including strobe and beam width are remote-controlled.

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Border Security

Border Security

Maxa Beam Searchlights are installed on border surveillance towers, integrated into remote camera systems, and used as portable illuminators on the U.S.-Mexico Border.

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