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Maxa Beam Force Protection Package

Part # MBPKG-F

NSN 6230-01-485-7838

The Maxa Beam Force Protection Package is designed for maritime security aboard U.S. Navy vessels and features a 12,000,000 CandlePower Maxa Beam Searchlight with visible and infrared capability.  The Force Protection Package also includes three LiFePO4 batteries, two AC/DC chargers, a full searchlight maintenance kit, and IR and amber filters.

The Maxa Beam’s powerful output and user-programmable strobe enable the searchlight to perform critical roles within the non-lethal spectrum, including:

  • Long Range Detection and Identification
  • Explicit Warning and Deterrence
  • Ocular Disruption and Distraction
  • Temporary Flashblindness, Decreased Hand-Eye Coordination and Nausea

Non-Lethal effects are scalable and can be adapted to a variety of applications including shipboard protection, anti-piracy, and perimeter security.

The Maxa Beam Searchlight features three beam intensity levels and a motorized beam width adjustment that allows the user to vary the beam from a 1° spot to a 40° flood with the press of a button. The system’s three LiFePO4 batteries each power the light for 115 minutes on regular beam level and recharge in just 100 minutes.

    • Output: 12,000,000 Peak Beam CandlePower (no maximum threshold; -10% minimum threshold)
    • Range: 3,500 meters (1 lux on target)
    • Lamp: 85 Watt Xenon Short Arc Lamp (field replaceable); instant hot/cold start and restrike
    • Infrared Illumination Capability with included 850nm IR Filter
    • Beam Width: 1° Spot to 40° Flood, Motorized
    • Beam Intensity: 3 levels
    • Strobe: User-adjustable frequency (1-31Hz) and duty cycle (3-63%)
    • Battery
      • Type: 7.5Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery
      • Life Cycles: 2,500
      • Run Time: 115 minutes (regular/default beam); 75 minutes (high beam)
      • Charging: 100 minutes with included 11-32VDC/110-240VAC Charger
    • Operating Temperature: -15°C to +60°C; reduced battery run time below 0°C
    • Searchlight Body: Constructed of corrosion-resistant alodined and powder-coated Aluminum and impact-resistant PC/ABS
    • Size and Weight
      • Searchlight: 11.2 in. long x 5.74 in. diameter; 3.2 lbs.
      • Battery: 5.09 in. wide x 7.27 in. long x 3.41 in. tall; 3.0 lbs.
      • Searchlight, Battery and 5 ft. Power Cord: 6.9 lbs.
  • (1) MBS-410 12,000,000 CandlePower Maxa Beam Searchlight

    (3) MBP-1308 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Batteries

    (2) MBP-3200-AD Multi-Voltage Smart Charger, AC/DC

    (1) MBA-1850 850nm Infrared Filter Filter

    (1) MBA-1500 Amber Smoke/Fog Filter

    (1) MBA-2005 Protective Lens

    (2) MBA-8105-L 5 Ft. Coiled Power Cord

    (3) MBA-6005 Battery Shoulder Strap

    (2) MBA-6100 Padded Filter Pouch

    (1) MBA-2400N Combination Replacement Lamp, Lens & Power Connector Kit

    (1) MBA-6250-W Wheeled Storage Case with Die-Cut Foam


    Update History

    • 6/4/2006 – Searchlight output increased from 6,000,000 CandlePower to 7,500,000 CandlePower (G3-12).
    • 1/2010 – Searchlight updated to add control connector (G3-12R).
    • 3/2011 – Output increased from 7,500,000 CandlePower to 12,000,000 CandlePower (G3-20).
    • 6/2013 – Searchlight front lens upgraded to Spyder Lens (G3-20Y).
    • 5/2016 – Searchlight continuous high beam function added (G3-26).
    • 8/8/2016 – Battery updated from MBP-1207 NiCad to MBP-1308 LiFePO4 Battery technology; Storage Case updated from MBA-6400 to MBA-6250-W Wheeled Case.
    • 6/1/2018 – Charger updated from MBP-3205/MBP-3230 to new MBP-3200-AD Multi-Voltage Smart Charger. Battery Fuel Gauge upgrade option released (FG).
  • Set-Up and Operation

    1. Locate searchlight, battery and power cable.
    2. Attach Searchlight to Battery by lining up the four feet of the searchlight over holes in top of battery. Lower the searchlight into the holes, then slide the searchlight towards the connector end of the battery until searchlight locks in place.
    3. Connect the Power Cord by attaching the cord’s female end of to the searchlight’s 4-pin power connector and attaching the cord’s male end to the battery connector.  To lock, rotate only the locking ring clockwise.  All connections are keyed; never force connections.
    4. To Turn Searchlight On, press the red ON/OFF SWITCH. Searchlight starts on high power, holds setting for 2 seconds, then drops to normal power.
    5. To Adjust Beam Width, pull the black 4-WAY SWITCH back to increase beam width to flood. Push the 4-way switch forward to decrease beam width to spot.
    6. To Activate Strobe, rock and hold the 4-way switch to the left. The default setting is momentary strobe, which means that the searchlight will strobe when the 4-way switch is held to the left.  Please consult the Operation Manual for instructions on how to program the left button function to continuous strobe or low beam mode.
    7. To Activate High Beam, rock and hold the 4-way switch to the right. The default setting is momentary high beam, which means that the searchlight will stay on high beam when the 4-way switch is held to the right.  Please consult the Operation Manual for instructions on how to program the right button function to continuous high beam mode.
    8. To Attach a Filter, line up the three tabs on the filter with the slots on the front of the searchlight. Place filter over front of searchlight and turn filter counter-clockwise until fully seated.  Filter will lock in place.  Visit the Filters page to view available filter options.

    Searchlight Programming

    The Maxa Beam Searchlight’s default switch settings can be modified with simple programming sequences.  Customizable switch settings include setting the right and left button functions to “continuous” high and strobe, setting the default beam width, setting spot and flood limits, and changing the frequency of the searchlight’s strobe. Please consult the Operation Manual for programming instructions.

    Safety Warnings

    ANSI Risk Group 3.  Warning.
    Visible and infrared radiation emitted from this searchlight.
    Permanent eye damage can result.  Avoid direct exposure to the beam.

    • Do not look directly into the searchlight beam. Exposure of the eye to either the direct searchlight beam or a beam reflected from a flat mirror-like surface can cause permanent eye injury to the unprotected eye.  Follow the same precaution even when an Infrared Filter is installed on the searchlight.
      • Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD), Visible Light: 10 meters
      • NOHD, Infrared Light: 30 meters for exposures greater than 10 seconds
    • Do not operate searchlight if the front lens is damaged or removed. Ultraviolet injury to skin and cornea can occur if the searchlight is operated with a damaged front lens or if the lens is removed.
    • Do not allow the concentrated beam of light to be focused on flammable materials at close distances for prolonged periods of time.
    • Do not operate light in an explosive environment.
    • Do not touch lamp connections during operation as high voltage is present.
    • Do not touch the quartz envelope of the lamp. If the lamp is accidentally touched, clean with alcohol or the solution supplied in the replacement lamp kit.
    • Always wear protective eyewear, long sleeves, and gloves if removing the front lens cover. The lamp is under positive pressure and should be handled with care.
    • Always disconnect searchlight from power cord when not in use, when placed in storage or when being transported to prevent accidental activation.