Buy from a Distributor

Peak Beam Systems has a network of authorized domestic and international distributors. Please click here to fill out a contact form and we will put you in touch with a distributor in your region.

Buy Direct from Peak Beam Systems

Government, Commercial and Private Customers

Many government, commercial and private customers qualify to purchase directly from Peak Beam Systems. We accept major credit cards, government purchase cards, and wire transfers. Please contact us to determine if you qualify to purchase from Peak Beam directly.

Systems Integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

If your organization plans to integrate Remote-Controlled Maxa Beam Searchlights into a surveillance, security, or weapons system, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you directly.

U.S. Military and Government Purchases


DLA TLS Special Operational Equipment (SOE) Program

Maxa Beam Searchlights may be purchased by qualifying customers using the DLA’s Special Operational Equipment (SOE) Tailored Logistics Support (TLS) Program.  For more information, please contact us.

GSAGSA Advantage!®

Visit GSA Advantage to purchase Maxa Beam Searchlights on GSA.

Buying Used Equipment from Third Party Sellers

Variations of the Maxa Beam Searchlight have been fielded since 1987, so the age and condition of used searchlights being resold by third parties varies significantly. We welcome questions and are happy to help you make an educated decision before you purchase second hand Maxa Beam equipment on eBay, Craigslist, or any other reseller site. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for tips on buying used equipment.