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Handheld Searchlight Accessories

Battery Systems

Battery Systems

Rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Batteries feature a 115-minute run time and more than 2000 life cycles. LiFePO4 Batteries are compatible with older searchlights and are a popular upgrade option for previously fielded systems.


Infrared Filters

Searchlight Filters

Maxa Beam Filters attach over the searchlight’s lens to alter output energy or beam pattern. Popular choices include infrared filters, amber filters, and beam-shaping lenses.


MBA-3661 with MBS-410

Searchlight Mounts

Choose from several mounting options for the Maxa Beam, including manual pan/tilt clamp mounts, fixed mounts, and a multi-purpose flat mounting plate.

Mounts are compatible with all Handheld (MBS-410) and Quick-Mount (MBS-430-Y Series) Searchlights.

Direct Power

Direct Powering Options

Choose from direct 100-240VAC power supplies, 12VDC vehicle adapters, and a variety of power cable lengths and styles.

Wired Controllers

Wired Remote Controllers

Remotely operate any Maxa Beam Searchlight with a wired controller.

Controllers feature a momentary on/off switch and a four-way joystick to control spot, flood, high beam and strobe.

Part Nos. MBA-8406, MBA-8425, MBA-8406-MP, MBA-8425-MP, MBA-8406-MMS, MBA-8425-MMS


Storage Cases

Maxa Beam Storage Cases are waterproof with easy to open trigger release latches. Every case is fitted with a custom foam insert and thick egg crate foam lid liner to securely hold a Maxa Beam Searchlight and accessories for safe transport and storage.

Part Nos. MBA-6200 and MBA-6250-W