A Non-Lethal Method to Ensure the Safety of US Soldiers and Afghan Civilians

“The Maxabeam spotlight that was delivered to us was a unique enabler that allowed us to complete missions with minimal interference to the local populace.  We incorporated the Maxabeam spotlight into our escalation of force SOP’s as a non-lethal method to ensure the safety of both US Soldiers and Afghan civilians alike.  The Maxabeam’s unique light settings allowed us to continually monitor terrain that would otherwise not be visible.”
– 1LT J., 1-32 Infantry, 10th Mountain Division

Our Marines Live by These

“We are currently deployed and are using this awesome searchlight to aid in our mission of finding IEDS when we go out on missions each night, and our Marines live by these…..They are inherently important to our mission out here. We put the safety of our Marines in the hands of these lights. Please provide a parts list and price list so we can get these (additional items) purchased.”
– MSgt Daily, Ops Chief, B Co 9th ESB FWD

One of the Most Important Pieces of Equipment We are Using

“I have ordered almost 200 of these spot lights thru the army ordering system… These spot lights are making a very big difference in the operation of our mission. I am going to spread the word on the customer service and great products your company is producing. This is one of the most important pieces of equipment we are using right now with our current mission. You and your company have been a great asset to the success of our mission. I wish I could tell you the difference the spot lights are making over here.”
– SPC Davis, 600th Quartermaster Company, OIF, Camp Adder

Force Protection & Need More!

“We are using [the Maxa Beams] by handheld means from vehicles, dismounted patrols (by foot) and from certain stationary posts… So far the only problem my unit is having is that we do not have enough of them.”
– SSG H., B Co 2-136th CAB, MHG Force Protection

Greatly Increased Driving Speed at Night

“The Maxa’s are going to be mounted with the shock mount on our medium-lift vehicles… I estimate that we will be able to drive at 75-80% of full daytime speed (the slow down would be to lack of depth perception) utilizing the Maxa’s. I also see these as a prime way to reduce driver fatigue from poor sight picture due to low ambient light conditions.”
– 1st Lt. R.S., 1st Recon Battalion

Outperformed NightHunter

“Maxa Beam… outperformed NightHunter to varying degrees in several important [testing] areas including: light intensity, beam spread, battery duration, weight, and one hand control. Maxa Beam also outperformed NightHunter in the general requirement categories of: programmability of strobe function, power cord length, battery charger bulkhead mounting, lens/filter attachment method and filter container configuration.”
(p. 19, NavSea Report)

Best Value for Shipboard Applications

“Maximum performance of Force Protection gear is considered of great importance in a security environment shaped by recent terrorist attacks in the US and on Navy assets abroad. Based on the differences in the key performance areas addressed above, the Maxa Beam is considered the best value for shipboard spotlight applications, where performance can be critical to mission success and crew safety.”
(NavSea Summary)

Offensive Missions Against Terrorists

“These searchlights give us the ability to ‘see before we are seen,’ and are of great benefit as we operate at night with our night vision devices. These lights assist in our offensive missions against the terrorist and increase our force protection posture around our base camps. The IR Filter capability of the Maxa Beam searchlight package is a great enhancer of the brigade’s ability to fight and defend at night.”
– Commanding Officer, 3/2 ID

Captain Drives 70mph Against Traffic

“I’ve used and benefited from [Maxa Beam searchlights] on several occasions driving close to 70 mph against traffic on Hwy 1” (Iraq).
– Capt. V., 2-8 FA

No Failures

“We had no failures with any of the units despite heavy use in obviously rough conditions.”
– 1st Lt. S., 1st Marine Division

The Power We Were Looking For

“The power of the Maxa Beam is exactly what we are looking for and puts the light that we had before, a hand held double bulbed light that boasts about its power and output in ads, to shame.”
– CB-OTH Coxswain, USCGC Diligence, Operation New Frontier