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AC/DC Smart Charger

MBP-3200 Series

The MBP-3200 Series Smart Charger offers the same functionality as both standard LiFePO4 battery chargers (MBP-3205/MBP-3230) combined. Additionally, this charger features a faster charge time, advanced charge status feedback and an expanded input voltage range.

The smart charger is recommended for all military users.

This charger accepts an input voltage range of up to 32VDC. It can be connected to input power with several adapters including 28V NATO Slave cables and the searchlight’s 12V vehicle adapter (MBA-7110).

Charge Time: 100 minutes

  • ModelDescriptionCharger Input VoltageIncluded Charging Adapter (Plug)
    MBP-3200-ADMulti-Voltage Smart Charger, AC/DC



    MBP-5004 Power Supply (NEMA 5-15P)

    MBP-5230 Vehicle Adapter (12V Socket)

    MBP-3200-AMulti-Voltage Smart Charger, AC Only



    MBP-5004 Power Supply (NEMA 5-15P)
    MBP-3200-DMulti-Voltage Smart Charger, DC Only



    MBP-5230 Vehicle Adapter (12V Socket)
  • Use only approved Peak Beam chargers.  Improperly charging a battery may reduce service life and, in extreme cases, may cause the product to flame or leak.

    Warning: Never charge a COLD battery that is cooled below 32°F (0°C). Allow battery to return to room temperature first before connecting it to charger.

    1. Locate the MBP-3200 Smart Charger and compatible charging adapter. Connect adapter to appropriate input power source.
    2. Plug the female end of the charging adapter into the charger’s input connector. Charger LED will turn steady RED when input power is connected.
    3. Connect charger pigtail to battery. Battery will automatically begin to charge.  Charger LED will turn AMBER during charge. LED will pulse GREEN at 99% of charge and turn steady GREEN when charge is complete.  Battery may be disconnected and used at any point during charge, but it is recommended that a full charge cycle be completed periodically to maintain optimum battery health.

    LED Status Indications for MBP-3200 Series Smart Charger:

    Charger LED Behavior Indication
    Steady Red Input power is connected
    Steady Amber Battery is charging
    Pulsing Green Battery is at 99% of charge
    Steady Green Charge is complete
    Flashing Red Incorrect input voltage to charger
    Pulsing Red Defective battery OR charger output is shorted
    Red/Amber Flash Charger and/or battery is too hot or too cold to charge
    Green/Amber Flash Battery cells are being balanced
    Erratic Charger Display Bad/loose connection to battery OR defective charger