Edgemont, Pennsylvania – August 2017 – Peak Beam Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce that all Maxa Beam Searchlights with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors are undergoing a phased transition to military service class Z, Zinc-Nickel plated over Aluminum shell.  This revision affects only the service class (finish) of the searchlight’s connectors and does not affect form, fit or function of the finished product.  Searchlights with the new Zinc-Nickel plated connectors remain fully compatible with all older cables and mating connectors.

Prior to this revision, Maxa Beam Searchlight with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors featured service class W, Cadmium plated Nickel over Aluminum shell.

Service class Z meets or exceeds all of the mil spec qualification requirements of service class W per MIL-DTL-38999, including but not limited to corrosion resistance, conductivity, EMI shielding effectiveness, and durability.  Service class Z connectors offer the additional benefit of RoHS compliance.

Maxa Beam Searchlight models affected by this change include:

  • MBS-430-W4 Series Rail-Mounted Searchlights with metal connectors
  • MBS-430-Y Series Remote-Controlled Searchlights with metal connectors
  • MBPKG-E Series Computer-Controlled Watertight Enclosure Searchlights

For further details including exact timing of this phased transition and service class Z connector part numbers specific to a particular searchlight model, please contact Peak Beam Systems, Inc. at 1-610-353-8505 or techsupport@peakbeam.com.

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