If the searchlight is dropped or receives a heavy impact from transportation or shipping, it may be necessary to refocus the lamp to insure proper operation and maximum output.  Refocusing the lamp involves centering the lamp in the reflector.

  1. Focus Access PointsUse the 1/16” Hex Driver that is included with the Maxa Beam Searchlight to remove the two focus access screws and washers that cover the X and Y Focus Access Points.*
  2. Turn the searchlight on and shine the beam onto a flat surface approximately 25 meters away. (In general, ranges from 15 to 100 meters will suffice but at farther distances it will become more difficult to see the precise adjustments taking place as the lamp is focused.)
  3. Insert the hex driver into one of the focus access points. A slight rotation and/or side to side motion may be required until the hex driver becomes properly seated into the internal adjustment screw hole.
  4. After the hex driver has been inserted into the adjustment screw, turn the driver slightly to rotate the screw. Notice how the hot spot of the beam moves on the target.  Rotate the driver until the hot spot is centered in the beam on this axis.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other internal adjustment screw in the other focus access point. Continue to switch between the X and Y focus access points until the hot spot is centered on both axes.
  6. Adjust the searchlight’s beam width out to flood and then back in to spot. If you notice that the light’s focus has changed as you bring the beam back into spot, adjust the focus of the light and then repeat the process of increasing the beam width to flood and decreasing it to spot until the focus remains consistent.
  7. Replace the focus screws and washers when focusing is complete.

*An MBPKG-E Series Searchlight must first be removed from its enclosure in order to access the X and Y Focus Points.  To do so, use a 9/64” Hex Driver to remove the housing screws and washers around the back plate of the searchlight.  Grasp searchlight’s handle and pull the searchlight straight out of enclosure tube.  Consult the Instruction Sheet included with that MBA-2400-E Lamp Replacement Kit for further details.

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