Heavy-Duty Clamp Mount

Part # MBA-3661

An upgraded version of the standard clamp mount, the Heavy-Duty Clamp Mount will provide a stable and secure attachment for the Maxa Beam Searchlight in harsh conditions such as choppy seas or high-speed driving.

This mount features a robust fluid pan/tilt head with multiple adjustment points and a built-in level.  It clamps securely to bars, pipes and poles up to 2” wide and a removable wedge can be used to mount to flat objects such as shields, table tops, and windowsills.

This mount features an integrated Flat Mounting Plate (MBA-3600), which connects to the base of the searchlight using Peak Beam’s proprietary four-point locking mechanism. The Maxa Beam can be quickly and easily attached and detached from the mount with no tools required.

Compatible with all Handheld (MBS-410) and Quick-Mount (MBS-430-Y Series) Searchlights.