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Standard Power Cables

MBA-8200 Series

These power cords connect power supplies, vehicle adapters, and older batteries to a Maxa Beam Searchlight. All cables feature circular locking connectors and a flexible, UV-resistant matte black PVC jacket.

Standard power cords are available in several lengths:

  • The shortest 8 inch cord is recommended for handheld use where the searchlight will always be connected to an older-style NiCad or Li-Ion battery.
  • The 5 foot coil cord is useful for applications where the searchlight may be both handheld and mounted.
  • Long 10 and 25 foot cords are recommended for mounted applications where the searchlight will be connected to a power supply or adapter.

Note that Standard Power Cords are not compatible with the current MBP-1308 LiFePO4 Battery Systems. For compatible cables, please see “L” Power Cords.

  • ModelDescription
     MBA-82088 Inch Power Cord
     MBA-81055 Foot Coil Power Cord
     MBA-821010 Foot Power Cord
     MBA-822525 Foot Power Cord