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12VDC Standard Charger

Part # MBP-3230

This Charger will recharge a MBP-1308 Series Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery from a vehicle’s 12VDC socket.

Charge Time: 110 minutes

  • Use only approved Peak Beam chargers.  Improperly charging a battery may reduce service life and, in extreme cases, may cause the product to flame or leak.

    Warning: Never charge a COLD battery that is cooled below 32°F (0°C). Allow battery to return to room temperature first before connecting it to charger.

    1. To charge battery from a 12VDC Vehicle, locate the MBP-3230 DC Charger. Connect charger’s 12V cigarette lighter plug to vehicle’s 12V receptacle.  Connect charger to battery.
    2. Battery will automatically begin to charge. Charger’s LED will turn RED during charging and will turn GREEN when charge is complete.
    3. Do not leave battery connected to charger for longer than 24 hours.